Precast Construction

The construction industry has traditionally used the cast-in-situ method of construction. However, the construction industry has evolved significantly over time.

Cast-in-situ is a time-consuming and labour dependent process that can take a long time to finish etc... Furthermore, a lot of natural resources like timber, plywood will be wasted.

So this is where PRECAST TECHNOLOGY came into the picture. Compared to cast in situ, precast technology has numerous advantages. The forms used in a precast plant can be reused multiple times before needing to be replaced.

Precast has begun in the cladding planes and slabs, and it will reduce the blockwork and plastering around buildings as well as the ceiling finishes for commercial and residential buildings.

Precast Technology Advantages

  • Saves Construction time by 30%
  • High Quality and precision
  • Cost-effective in large projects
  • Reduced wastage at site
  • Reduces labor force at site by 50%
  • Low risk with respect to resource management
  • Better/ faster Return On Investment
  • Eco-friendly method of construction

Precast factory is located in Kanakapura Road, Bengaluru

  • Established : 2018
  • Built Up Area: 1Lakh sft.
  • Capacity: 3 Million sft/year.
  • Sophisticated facility with German equipment.
  • Circulation & Fixed tables : 39 nos.
  • 08-ton capacity EOT cranes: 2 nos.
  • Batching plant capacity of 60 CUM/hour.